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Affordable Paradise - Lei Greetings

Since the advent of tourism in the Islands, Hawaiian lei greetings have been the traditional way of welcoming malihini (visitors) to Hawaii.

During the early 1900s, arriving vacationers were showered with leis as they disembarked from large luxury liners, delighted to smell the beautiful fragrance and receive such a friendly "aloha" greeting from the locals. As tourism increased during the latter part of the century, hundreds of visitors turned into millions, and the Hawaiian lei quickly became a world-renowned symbol of Hawaii and the "aloha spirit."

This festive custom still lives on today at the Hawaii Airports. Order a traditional Hawaiian flower lei greeting for your arrival at the Honolulu Airport on Oahu, Kahului Airport on Maui, Lihue Airport on Kauai, or the Kona Airport on the Big Island of Hawaii.

For more information, please visit Honolulu Lei Greetings